What Our Clients Say

“Using Fuel Media has been very easy and straightforward. As soon as we submit a change, we see the visual results at the pump within minutes. As the only place to advertise some discounted car washes, it was easy to see the response we’ve gathered at the pump. Using Fuel Media has been very successful in a very short amount of time. We highly recommend their branding strategies!”-
– Taylor Hartzheim
GM -Carriage House Car Wash

“When we were approached to place and ad with FUEL Mt Media, I was excited to try a new advertising method. I could not be happier with the results. We have had numerous customers come in and tell us that they came to our business because they saw the ad while getting gas. In addition to gaining new customers ,many existing customers and friends have mentioned seeing our ad at the pumps and like the look of it.  The ad rates are great and we will continue to do business with Fuel MT Media in the future.”
-April Wisher
Able Body Shop

“I love Fuel Media! I really believe it is a perfect way to grab attention of a captive audience. I usually fuel up at Lolo Super Stop and look forward to seeing some current news clips, the weather report and of course our commercials. Usually in the time it takes me to fuel up I will see our commercial twice so it is locked into my brain before I drive off!
Kevin May
Manager Blue Ribbon Audio